AN Adventure Distribution:
caters to multiple industries to supply products that solve both common needs and special problems.

This list is an overview of products available as the products are too numerous to list on our website, we will be happy to clarify, any product or procedure, quote and supply product at a prompt cost effective manner.

CLEANING & SPECIALTY PRODUCTS CHECK LIST                                            

2 wheel Hand Truck

Deodorizer Wick/Gel/Metered

Laundry Detergent Powder

Safety Grit Tape

4 Wheel Waste/Material Bins


Laundry Net bag

Safety Signs

Absorbent Powder

Dishwashing Chemical

Lift Truck 2 Wheelers

Safety Vest/Harness/Rope


Disinfectant Cleaners


Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

Aerosol- Deodorizers

Disposal Containers

Lobby Dust Pan/Broom

Sanitary Napkin Liners

Aerosol -Dinfectants

Doodle Bug- Pad/Pad Holder


Sanitary Napkins/Tampons

Aerosol -Foam Cleaners

Door Stop Wedge

Magic Erasers


Aerosol- Furniture Polish

Drain Opener

Magnetic Duster

Scouring Pads

Aerosol -Glass Cleaner

Drum/Pail Pumps

Matting- Anti-Fatigue


Aerosol -Graffiti Remover

Dry Erase Cleaner

Matting- Entrance

Scrubs in a Bucket- wet ones

Aerosol- Insect Control

Dry Erase Markers

Matting- Horse

Septic Enzyme Treatment

Aerosol- Oven Cleaner

Dust Cloths

Matting- Industrial


Aerosol- Spray Adhesive

Dust Masks

Matting- Logo Mats

Shower Cleaning System

Air Dryers

Dust Mop Treatment

Matting- Oil Resistant

Singlefold/Multifold Towel

Air Fresheners

Dust Pans

Matting- Rubber

Singlefold/Multifold Towel Dispenser

All Purpose Cleaners

Equipment Repair

Matting- Safety Message

SOS Pads

Aluminum Polish/Cleaner/Brightener

Eye Washing

Matting- Shower


Anti Slip Tape

Feather Dusters

Matting- Sport

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Ash Trays

Fertilizer/ Ice Melter Spreader

Matting- Welding

Stainless Steel Dispensers

Auto & Boat Detailing Products

Flat Mop

Measuring Cup

Steamers (Jet) -Detail Cleaning

Auto Drip System-Urinals

Floor Finish/Sealer/Stripper/

Metal Polish

Steel Wool

Auto Flush Toilet/Urinal Adaptor

Floor Machines

Metal Recycle Disposable Bins

Step On Waste Container

Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Floor Pads- Bonnets

Metal Scouring Pads

Stick Up Deodorizer

Baby Change Table

Floor Pads- Polishing/Buffing

Metal Waste Receptacles

Super Glue

Bacterial Enzymes Products

Floor Pads- Screen Disc

Metered Deodorizers

Sweepers – Parking Lot


Floor Pads- Scrubbing

Mop Buckets & Wringers, Pails

Swivel Scrub Brush

Banister/counter brush

Floor Pads- Steel Wool

Mop Handles

Tilt Truck

Barricade Tape

Floor Pads- Stripping

Mops- Dust

Toilet bowl Block/deodorizer

Bar Soap

Floor Squeegees

Mops- Finish

Toilet bowl cleaners

Batteries/ Chargers

Fly Light w/ Pheromone Glue Board

Mops- Wet

Toilet Bowl Swab/Brush/Caddie

Bee Mop

Foam Soap

Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Toilet Plunger/Drain Opener

Bellman’s Carts

Food Safe Cleaners

Nail Brushes

Toilet Seat Covers

Bench Polishers

Food Service Brushes

Neutral Cleaners

Toilet Tank Cleaner

Bicycle Stands

Fragrance Bombs


Toilet Tissue Dispensers- On Loan


Funnels/Measuring Cups/Scoops

Odor Counteractants

Towel Dispensers- On Loan

Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

Furniture Polish

Office Waste Baskets

Traffic lane stain Remover

Boot Buddy/ Boot Cleaning

Galvanized Garbage Can

Oily Rag Cans

Trash Cans

Bottle Brushes

Garbage Bags

Oven Cleaners

Trigger Sprayers- Chemical Resistant


Glass Cleaner

Ozone Air Purifiers

Trigger Sprayers- Economy

Bowl Swabs

Gloves- Chemical Resistant

Pails/pail pumps

Trigger Sprayers- Foaming

Brass Window Squeegee

Gloves- Deli

Paper- Shop Towels/Wipers

Trigger Sprayers- Heavy Duty

Broom Holders

Gloves- Disposable

Paper- Toilet Tissue

Urinal Blocks

Brooms- Corn

Gloves- Gardening


Urinal Screens/Blocks

Brooms- Lobby

Gloves- High Heat

Paper-Towel Dispensers

Urine Contamination Treatment

Brooms- Magnetic

Gloves- Rubber

Park Benches

Utility Bussing/Serving Carts

Brooms- Push

Gloves- Rubber Dipped

Parts Washing Cleaners

Utility Carts


Gloves- Welding

Pest Control

Vacuums-  Back Pack

Brute Container/Brute Lid

Gloves- Work

Platform Truck

Vacuums- Canister

Bulb Changers

Graffiti Paste

Plexiglass Cleaner

Vacuums- Pumper Vacs

Carpet Bonnets

Graffiti Remover

Protein Degreaser

Vacuums- Repair

Carpet Cleaning Chemical

Grease  Trap Enzyme Treatment

Protein Stain Remover

Vacuums- Upright

Carpet Extractors

Grill Blocks

Pump up Sprayers

Vacuums- Wet Vacs

Carpet Sweeper

Grout Cleaner & accessories

Rags- Bar Wipes

Vehicle Squeegee

Carpet Traffic Lane Cleaner

Hand Cleaner

Rags- Flannel


Centre Pull Towel

Hand Dryers

Rags: J-Cloths

Wall Mount Broom Holder

Chrome Toilet tissue Dispensers

Hand Soap- Bulk Liquid Hand Soap

Rags- Microfiber Cloths

Waste Bins

Cleaning products Tote

Hand Soap- Control Consumption

Rags- Shop Towels

Water Cup Dispenser

Coffee Stain Remover

Hand Soap- Dispensers

Rags- Terry Towel

Wedge Mop

Collector Carts

Hearing Protection

Rags- Wet Ones

Wet Floor Signs

Cups- Paper


Rags- Wipers

Wide area Duster

Cups- Stir Sticks

Household Perforated Towels

Rain Wear

Window Cleaning Supplies

Cups- Styrofoam

Ice Melter

Rakes- Shovels

Wire Brushes

Custodial cart

Industrial Degreasers

Recycle Containers

Wood Floor Finish

Cutting Oils

Janitor Carts

Rotationally Molded Storage Bins

Wool Duster

Deodorizer Blocks

Jumbo Toilet Tissue

Safety Cones

X-Frame Cart

Degreaser Cleaner

Laundry Carts

Safety Glasses


      PRECISION TOOLS & Acc.  *   AUTO-BOAT-RV-Detail   *   SAFETY SUPPLIES                *       MATS & RUNNERS


Aerosol Fragrance Bombs

Back Brace

Air Soft Foam Mats


Aerosol Specialty Technicians

Barrier Creams

Aluminum Grid Mats

Anvil- Horn

Air Fresheners

Bio-Hazard Cleanup Kit

Anti-Fatigue Mats


All Purpose Cleaner

Breathing protection

Antimicrobial Protection Matting

Bench Grinder/Polisher Motors

Aluminum Cleaner/Brightener

Caution Tape

Anti-Static Mats


Auto Detail Enthusiast Grade

  Danger Tape

Bacteria Resistant Matting

Buffing Pads/Wheels



Boot Trays


Bug Remover

Disposable Booties

Bubble Matting

Casting Equipment & accessories

Car Top Cleaner

Disposable masks

Carpet Mask- Polyethylene clear


Carpet/Upholstery Extractors

Ear Muffs

Chemical Resistant Mats

Crucibles/Melting Pots

Concrete Cleaners

Ear Plugs

Clean Room Mats- Dirt/Dust Control

Dapping tools

Cyclo Polisher

Elbow Pads

Coco Mats

Drill Bits


Eye Wash Stations

Custom Cut Matting

Drill Press Mini Precision

Detail Spray

 Face shields

Custom Logo Mats

Electroplating & supplies

Dry Foam Cleaner

Fall Protection

Diamond Plate Runner


Enzyme Cleaner

First Aid- Bandages

Disinfectant Containment Mats

Eye Loupe

Fabric Protection

First Aid- Blood Cleanup

Economy Matting/Runner

Flexible shaft grinders/polishers

Floor Cleaners

First Aid- Burn Kits

Fine Rib Rubber Runner


Floor Squeegees

First Aid- Kits

Finger Mats


Foam Pads

First Aid- Resuscitator Kit

Floor Mask - Polyethylene clear blue

Forming Stakes


Full Body Harness

Flow Through Mats


Glass Cleaner

Gloves- Chemical Resistant

Grease Proof Mats



Gloves- Coated

Grit Top Mats Non-Slip


Gum Remover

Gloves- Cold Weather

High Traffic Entrance Matting


Hand Cleaner

Gloves- Cut Resistant

Indoor Running Track Vulcanized Rubber

Grinding Burs

Leather restorer/Cleaner

Gloves- Disposable

Interlocking Mats



Gloves- Leather

Kneeling Mats

Hot Plates

Masks/Eye protection

Gloves- Mechanic

Laminated Mats

Inspection Lamps/Mirrors

Metal Polish

Gloves- Roper & Drivers

Lobby Matting

Investment/ Casting Vacuum

Microfibre Towels

Gloves- Safety Orange

Low to Medium Traffic Entrance Matting


Odor Control

Gloves- Thermal

Machine Shop Mats


Odor Fragrance

Gloves- Welders

Mat Slip/ Creeping Prevention


Odor New Car

Hand Protection

Miners Moss Mats


Oil Absorbent Pads/Booms

Hard Hats

Modular Mats


Orbital  Polishers

Hazmat Boot Covers

Noodle Mats

Metal Files

Oxidizer Restorer

Knee Pads

Oil/Solvent/Acid Resistant Mats

Metal Melt Furnace

Ozone Generators


Premium Entrance Mats

Mini Bits/Burs


  Lens Cleaning

PVC Runner- Drainage

Mini Glass/Sand Blaster

Paint Restorer

Masks - Particulate

PVC Runner- Pillowmat

Mixing/Measuring Accessories

Parts Washer Bioremediation

  Masks - Vapor

PVC Runner- Shower Mats

Ovens - Casting Burnout

Parts Washer/Solvent

  Roofer Fall Kit

PVC Runner- Slip Resistant

Pliers, Cutters & Nippers


  Safety- Apparel 

Recessed Well Mats

Polishing accessories

Pressure Washers

Safety- Coveralls

Recycled Mats

Polishing Compounds

Protective Plastic

Safety- Disposable apparel

Residential Runner

Polishing –Grinding Wheels/

Rags/Shop Towels/Wipers

Safety- Fence

Rubber Slab Mats

Polishing Stations

Safety Cones

Safety- Flame Resistant

Safety Message Mats

Punches/Chasing Tools/Stamps

Safety Grit Tape

Safety-  Flares

Safety Yellow Border Mats

Razor Knives


Safety Glasses

Scrubber Mats

Rolling Mills

Scratch / Headlight restorer

Safety Goggles

Skate Mats

Safety Glasses

Solvent Spotters

Safety Grit Tape

Slip Resistant Mats

Saws Mini & accessories

Spot Remover

Safety- Hats

Smooth Rubber Runner


Tar/Sap/Grease  Remover

Safety- Hoodies

Soil Trap Mats

Scissors & Shears

Tire Cleaner/Brightener

Safety- Jackets

Sports  Floor Tiles



Safety Mats

Sports Floor Underlay

Steam Cleaner

Tunnel Wash

Safety- Rain Suits

Super Traction Mats


Vacuum accessories

Safety- Sash Belt

Switchboard Dielectric Matting

Torches Little & accessories

Vacuums wet/dry

Safety- Tee Shirts

Tool Box Liner


Vehicle Wash/Cleaner

Safety- Vest

Wall to wall Mats

Tumblers/Rock Polishers

Vehicle Wax

Safety Wet Floor Signs  

Water/Soil Containment Matting


Vinyl Cleaner/restorer/polish

Sorbent Booms

Welding Mats

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Vinyl, Plastic & Carpet Dyes

Sorbent Pads

Wide Rib Rubber Runner


Wash Brushes & accessories

Sorbent Socks

Wiper Mats


Wash Mitts

Spill Kit- oil only

Consulting Budget control

Wax Injector


Spill Kit- Universal

Consulting- Inventory control

Wire Brushes/Mandrels/Wheels

Wheel Dressing

Traffic Cones

Consulting- staff training

Work Benches

Wheel Weights

Welding Goggles

Out Sourcing